Our Success, Begins with Yours.

At Baker, we understand that the projects we complete are about our clients and their owners.  The people who will use them.  And the communities they are in.

Through more than 40 years of construction and over 2,000 projects, our teams have the knowledge, experience and resources to complete your project with superior workmanship and efficiency.  Baker delivers at a higher standard because our team members truly care about their work and the success of your project.


We have played a key role in the infrastructure growth of Western North Carolina. Our capabilities include the construction of both private and public roadways with unmatched efficiency, flexibility, resources and workmanship.


40 years of experience encompasses not only the construction of highways, but as a key partner in the construction of Bridges in Western North Carolina.


Our experience in the commercial market is an integral part of our company.  Today we offer turnkey site packages from light to complex commercial site work projects.


Our natural resources are very important to the environment, economy, and the well being of Western North Carolina and it’s residents. Our work is in the restoration of impaired rivers and wetlands to preserve the natural habitat and balance in nature.